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I dont have time for blacklist fans in favor of killing off characters of color. Even if you think its a joke that crap is not at all funny. Because if someone joked about killing off ressler liz or reddington y’all would be livid. What nonsense.

I have seen a bunch people joking about killing off Ressler??? and no one was livid??? I’m not commenting either way, but I’ve seen jokes/speculation about *every* character getting killed off. Everyone on this show is in danger of being killed, except Red. It’s one of those shows with a gratuitous body count, the only way to cope is to joke about it or give it up.

I personally flinch when I know Carnahan is writing an episode because I know it will feature icky white alpha male Ressler Manpain and sensless deaths of women and/or POC. That’s not a joke, that’s just what he does, unfortunately.

People usually joke about Ressler dying or not even joke and say they want it to happen. I already cleared it up about the joke that was made about cooper and its all good now. I’m not even upset about it anymore. I’m not even deep enough in the fandom to know about desired deaths outside of those two. I guess cooper and ressler are pretty disliked since there’s more negative feedback in their tags than positive.

Anyway Carnahan must have written Mako Tanida, The Good Samaritan Killer and Anslo Garrick 1 & 2 if thats the case.

Mako Tanida, & Anslo Garrick Pt 1 anyway, note sure about Samaritan, and he’s got one more ep this season, possibly 1.20, so… I don’t even know who else he can kill off, frankly.

He also ignores Liz, the main character supposedly, in favour of giving all the screen time to second and third tier MALE charcters — Meera didn’t even get lines in the Garrick on i think. (I’m writing fic, so I try to know the writer’s MOs a bit so i know which bits of characterization i can throw out if i don’t like it or find it contradictory.)

I like Cooper, he’s interesting, he’s reasonably developed as a character. He’s not a great boss, but his dynamic is interesting and I hope they explore how he fits in with Red’s plans.

Ressler however… It’s not a ship thing, I promise. I would even quite like it if he and Liz could become friends, because she has no friends anymore. It’s just the overblown macho tactics. And I’ve admitted before that I’m prejudiced against tall, smug alpha white male guys. It’s a visceral, kneejerk reaction but… I don’t think they’re a group that needs defending from prejudice, right? ;)

The think that get’s me about this show (and it is a BAD show, I know, I thought it had potential but it’s just not meeting it) is that Red is the only developed character. The ONLY one. Even Liz is not developed. I spent hours and hours of mental effort filling her in so she was accessible for my fic project. I haven’t even been able to do that with ANYONE else because there’s not enough details to go on, and I don’t have the time or brainspace to start from scratch on all the other characters to flesh them out in the same way.

I’m only hanging in there because I’m still enjoying writing the fic, and I still need injections of canon information to know what’s up.

Well he’ll find someone to kill off if he’s that in to killing people. I actually didn’t have any expectations for the show. I actually liked the first few episodes because of the criminals and how they died the same way that they killed other people. I also liked liz’s badassery with stabbing peoples necks with pens. However it upsets me that she was so oblivious to her husbands intentions. Also there’s not a lot of infromation surrounding her and the provided information is very ambiguous. No one knows about the fire or her original parents or why she’s not even doing her job as a profiler even thought that’s what her job is supposed to be. The only development she has is becoming more angry and set on discovering toms identity and getting revenge.

In comparison to other characters she just gets more screen time than Meera, Aram and Cooper. Cooper has a wife and daughter and no one knows anything about that. Meera has a daughter who was mentioned in one episode and quickly forgotten. Aram is only known inside the task force and no background has been provided around his character. Dembe literally says 20 words or less when he’s in an episode and the rest of the time he’s lurking in the shadows behind Red or something.

Also its true that there’s no problem with hating characters like Ressler he’s a bit annoying at times. He definitely does not deserve more screen time than Meera and Aram. I actually ship Ressler and Meera but Ressler and Liz would be cool as friends since they are my brotp anyway.

As for it being a bad show I don’t know, I guess I like the action that comes with the criminal related stuff. It has become pretty predictable though there’s a criminal on Reds blacklist that he only knows about and has to guide team fbi to through elizabeth keen. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother to watch. It has just become a Monday tradition with me I guess.

Where do you write/post your fics?

well I like a completely ridiculous show, as long as it knows itself to be ridiculous, if you see what I mean. They’ve got to be able to laugh at themselves just a bit. Whereas TBL takes itself so seriously, it only seems more ridiculous.

I’m stuck because I’ve ended up caring about Liz’s eventual well being, And I’m one of those people who *has* to know the answer to the mystery (I can’t count how many iffy books I’ve fought my way through just to find out the answer to some puzzle). So I’m still in for now. 

I’m on FF.net and AO3, same username… um, here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5282253/FigureofDismay

I get what you mean. I’m glad to read more blacklist fanfics too. I feel the same way about needing to figure out the mystery surrounding Liz, Tom and Red.

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